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What is Enbio for? What are its main features?

What tools can I sterilize?

How long is the sterilizing process?

What processes must be carried out before sterilization in Enbio autoclaves?

How many tools can I sterilize at the same time?

Do I need any extra equipment for the device?

Is it possible the device may damage delicate tools?

Why use a longer cycle?

What payment methods are available? Can I pay in instalments or lease the device?

How long is the warranty period?

What does maintenance look like?

How do I return the device and who will pay for it?

How do I order an Enbio, how much does it cost and how much is delivery?

Are Enbio autoclaves certified? What standard do they meet?

What sterilizing technology is used?

Do the tools have to be packaged or can I simply put them directly in the drawer?

What is the size and weight of Enbio S?

What colours is Enbio S available in?

What are Enbio's major benefits compared to the competition?

Can I use the touchscreen while wearing latex gloves?

What does it mean that Enbio is a class B device?