Kickstart a revolution in your business by making it as safe as can be, with style and class. Enbio S is the only steriliser able to sterlize your tools to perfection in just a few minutes.

  • Certified perfection
  • Class B (highest)
  • Meets all medical requirements
  • Red Dot Design Award winner

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Meet Enbio S

a new and more beautiful incarnation of safety

What is Enbio S like?



It will fit any interior thanks to its compact size (25 x 16 x 56 cm). At the same time, it has the space for all the standard tools, in their packaging or without it.


Fancy a chat standing next to the running Enbio? No problem. It is so quiet you can relax by it (32dB, comparable to an empty, tranquil road).


The fastest

Why would you waste an hour on something you can do in 7 minutes? Enbio S is the fastest steriliser on the market. It is also gloriously intuitive and easy to use.

Along with your Enbio S autoclave, the following items will be included in the package:

*The pendrive will save all your reports when connected to the device. In addition, you can find there a full version of the user manual, warranty terms, and CE Certifiacte.


Technical data

  • Power supply
  • 230V/50Hz
  • Capacity
  • 3250W
  • Max. power consumption
  • 15 A
  • Operating pressure
  • 2,1 Bar
  • Max. pressure
  • 2,3 Bar
  • Weight
  • 15 kg
  • Max. processing temperature
  • 137°C
  • Processing compartment capacity
  • 2,7L
  • Processing compartment dimensions
  • 292 x 192 x 45mm
  • External dimensions
  • 561 x 252 x 162mm
  • Protection class
  • IP20
  • Type of data archiving
  • USB disk


134°C FAST134°C121°C
Total proces time7 min15 min30 min
Steriliztion time3,5 min4 min15 min
Drying time-3 min5 min
Preeliminar vacuum volume133
Type of toolsUnwrappedWrapped and unwrappedWrapped and unwrapped

Installation and functions

Enbio S is a steam autoclave for tool sterilization used for dental and cosmetic procedures. It ensures complete procedure safety by guaranteeing the tools to be fully sterile.

Only fully sterilized tools protect from contracting diseases, such as viral hepatitis type B and C, HIV, and Candida-related fungal infections.

Before sterilization, if sterilized in packaging, tools should be cleaned, put through a sterilizing liquid bath and dried. They can then undergo sterilization in an Enbio S autoclave.


After ordering your Enbio S, you can pay online right away PayPal or COD - Cash-on-delivery payment method.

We are doing our best to allow you using instalments payment method as soon as possible. 

The warranty period for Enbio is 12 months starting from the purchase date.

Detailed information

Enbio S, as class IIb autoclave, meets all European standards related to ISO EN13060 directive.

Enbio meets 100% all legal requierments within European Union. 

Both are possible, depending on the program. 

Program FAST is dedicated to the unpacked tools. 

121 and 134 programs could sterlize unpacked and packed tools. 

Why should you have Enbio S?

The highest quality for the lowest price. Operating costs that are revolutionary low.

No programming. No logging in. Sterilization in just two steps - switch it on, choose your mode, use it.

No more saving and printing. Your reports are automatically saved on the inserted USB stick.

Save time and sterilize several tool packs at the same time - up to 8 packs at once!

Ensure the highest level of safety for you and your clients with the Swiss technology of.

Do you already know what it is like to work with Enbio S? Share your experiences and show us how wonderfully it fits in your salon!

Reliability for you and your business

You will receive a 12 month warranty with your Enbio S. We will provide maintenance and might there be a need, we will deliver a replacement device, on us.

The warranty comes together with the ordered device

In case of a fault, we will deliver a replacement device

Nevermind the fault, you keep your business going

One step

This is how far away you are from starting a revolution


  1. As low as £1,209.00 £1,209.00

Revolution delivered to your doorstep

We will deliver the Enbio S straight to your door. How does it work?



Order the device online

Order the Enbio S directly from our website. You can pay right away via PayPayl or Cash on Delivery. 


We deliver it straight to your door

A UPS courier will deliver the Enbio S to your salon within 48h. Thanks to packaging designed especially for this, shipping is absolutely safe.


Plug it in and use it!

It is enough to simply plug in your Enbio S and you are ready to go! No programming or logging in necessary. Sterlising in just 2 clicks!


  1. As low as £1,209.00 £1,209.00