Your health and the sterilisation of cosmetic or surgical instruments

One moment can change so much...

Do you ever wonder what would happen if things went differently at certain points in your life? Knowing the present, we might want to change a thing or two in our past. Do not let an ordinary, everyday situation adversely affect your life. This includes mundane activities such as visits to the beautician's, dentist's, or doctor’s surgery. Not everyone realises that the instruments used in these places may be a source of serious infections such as jaundice, HIV, or fungal infections.  


All procedures performed in beauty parlours require contact with the skin. These are not limited to microdermabrasion or advanced aesthetic medicine treatments (e.g. botox), chosen by few clients. They are mainly the simple, popular, and basic beauty treatments for women such as a manicure and pedicure. The same refers to dental procedures: in this case, the surgical instruments are in direct contact with patients' blood. Before you choose the place and make an appointment, ask about the sterilisation of instruments. All of which, and particularly those in contact with your skin, must be sterile! Bacteria and viruses accumulate on the used instruments, which may lead to infection. Autoclave, a tool steriliser, ensures the safe use of instruments. This device sterilises cuticle nippers, tweezers, burs, cuticle pushers, and other instruments used for treatments. You never know who was in the office or parlour before you, and a steriliser ensures that all germs have been removed. Pay attention to where the instruments used during the treatment come from. Preferably, you will see that they are taken directly out of the autoclave or a special bag used during sterilisation.

Visit only safe beauty parlours. Your health is at stake.