Swiss autoclaves  to support European hospitals in the fight against coronavirus

Autoclaves are medical equipment to sterilize instruments, indispensable in every hospital. During an epidemic, these devices are particularly needed in many facilities in our country. That is why the Swiss company Enbio Group, has pledged its assistance, as part of which it will transfer the most modern autoclaves for medical sterilization to European hospitals (e.g. in Lombardy).

 Autoclaves are used to sterilize medical instruments and are required in every healthcare facility. Sterilization of instruments is an absolute necessity, and nowadays, during an epidemic, this activity has to be performed much more often because doctors work at "full speed". Usually, hospitals have very large autoclaves or separate main sterilizers where instruments are sterilized. However, in times of virus control, when every minute counts, fast and portable devices are needed to sterilize instruments much more efficiently. This is how the initiative of the Swiss company Enbio was born - an initiative that will bring highly specialised medical equipment to the neediest of hospitals in Europe to combat the current epidemic.

The devices that we will transport directly to Italian and European hospitals are currently the smallest and fastest operating steam autoclaves available on the market. Thanks to their small size, they are perfect for places with limited space and, if necessary, can be quickly transported to other needy medical facilities. Moreover, a great benefit in the context of fighting the coronavirus epidemic is the fact that the transferred autoclaves have the fastest sterilization cycles - the shortest of which takes only 7 minutes. At a time when every minute is of importance to life, autoclaves definitely accelerate the time when patients are given the necessary medical support. Our assistance concerns not only Italian hospitals - we are ready to support every country and every institution that needs it within our capabilities, comments Kamil Sikorski, Business Development Director in Enbio.

Enbio S autoclaves allow for the simultaneous sterilization of eight packages of medical instruments in one sterilization cycle.

Currently, the autoclaves are being transferred, among others, to a hospital in Lombardy, and in addition, we are waiting for a response from more than 30 Italian hospitals, which are currently determining their demand for this medical equipment. We are also in contact with hospitals in Poland, Germany and Spain, to which we have offered our help, adds Kamil Sikorski, Business Development Director in Enbio.

Enbio declares to help all institutions that are involved in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic and need our autoclaves to sterilize their instruments to the best of its abilities.

If an institution or hospital needs steam autoclaves for rapid sterilization, please do not hesitate to contact us at