We create revolutionary solutions suited to your needs.

We have 25 years of experience in combining state-of-the-art biotechnological solutions with fantastic designs. Thanks to our passion and the persistent pursuit of purpose, our Enbio steam sterilisers are the ones taking over Europe right now.

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What is most important to us?

We created Enbio because your clients' safety is the most important to us, and that’s why we wanted to become a leader – ‘cause we act through our mission. The levels of jaundice, HIV and fungal infection contractions in Europe are appalling. We have to fight it and the best way to do it is Enbio - intuitive, easy to use, highest class steam sterilisers. Affordable to anyone.


Higher level of safety guarnateed by incredible technology


Revolutionary solution combining technology and design


Swiss quality of performance

Enbio around the world

Enbio headquarters are located in Switzerland and Poland. 

This is as well where we are producing our devices. 


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