Periodic​ maintenance

The periodic maintenance is performed annually, or after 1500 processes (whichever comes sooner).

The periodic maintenance includes :

  1. Performance check
  • Performance check of steam generator (replacement of heaters if applicable)
  • Vacuum pump performance (replacement of membranes and valves if applicable)
  • Checking the error list and checking the correct performance of the sterilization process
  1. Key parts replacement:
  • drawer gasket (after 1000 processes)
  • HEPA filter
  • V2 and V5 valves (after at least 500 processes)
  • WATER IN connector
  • instrument tray
  1. Maintenance
  • heat exchanger cleaning (inside and outside)
  • steam generator descaling
  • process chamber cleaning
  • drawer guides lubrication
  1. Sterilization Process Validation

You can choose our Factory Service, or one of our Authorized Service Providers.